All About Kindle Fire Utility

Kindle Fire Utility

It has not been long since Kindle Fire came out and there has been a ton of hacks out there, like for example BurritoRoot, which was released by developer jcase – though not as easy to use as what I am about to write about- this is just one of the many that are out there. However, of all the many Kindle Fire hacks, this particular one does it for me. The Kindle Fire Utility.

kindle fire utility

The Kindle Fire Utility was developed by Vashypooh – an XDA Developer. It is a Windows tool which allows users to do more than just hack their Kindle Fire. It lets you install TWRP 2.0 custom recovery tool, root a Kindle Fire and alter boot modes among many other things.

kindle fire utility 2

The best part of Kindle Fire Utility, is that you do not even need to have the technical know-how to operate it. This is one huge advantage. Additionally, it comes with requisite USB drivers to operate ADB and Fastboot. In essence, it is a passel of scripts that assist to run all the tasks. Do not get me wrong though, it does not do all the hacking itself. It does though make running other hacks easier.

All you are required to do is download the ZIP file, lug your device into your Windows computer and double click on the file. The device in this case being the Kindle Fire, just in case you were lost. Before you get here, however, you have to know how to get Kindle Fire Utility, which is very simple. All you will need to do is download the most recent file from XDA developers, unzip it to a directory in your PC and click on the run bat file and you can get started. Simple easy steps, aren’t they?

kindle fire utility 3

The handy thing about Kindle Fire Utility, is the fact that you can change and improve it if you know how to alter and write batch codes. This makes the user experience even more exciting.

So, how does it work?

First and foremost, for any changes to take root and also for you to be able to use these hacks, your Kindle Fire must be plugged in to your PC. Be careful though, this may irreversibly damage your device and therefore you will have to take upon yourself the the risk of quality of your Kindle Fire. Prior to this, you will have to have already downloaded the file as stated earlier and follow the steps, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

kindle fire utility 4

The Kindle Fire Utility comes packing heavy. It has ZergRush, which is one of the rooting tools favored by many and also you can install Team Win Recovery project 2.0, which is a recovery utility that simplifies backing up or restoring of an Android tablet. Besides, you can also use it to install recent updates from Amazon while using your device. Although, this is not such a go-to method, as Amazon often push updates via WI-FI. But, if you are using Cynogen Mod, then you need to be cautious about your downloads.

TWRP 2.0 can be used to manually restitute your Kindle Fire as it is compressed with this utility. This is just among the amazing things about the Kindle Fire Utility and the good thing is that there is still loads more features, as I said earlier it comes packing heavy.

The Kindle Fire Utility allows automatic elevation to root for tool operations. It also facilitates complete root installation. It allows you to auto detect current bootmode, ADB and Fastboot(Online or Offline). You can automatically download from Amazon and also download TWRP 2.0 Recovery tool.
And as if that is not enough, Kindle Fire utility allows you to manage current bootmodes as well as Read or Write, install Google Apps, Google Market and/or GoLauncherEX and last but not least Lock or unlock the wallpaper from being altered.

kindle fire utility 5

Kindle Fire Utility is an amazing tool that makes our lives more bearable and easier and if I am not wrong, it is without a doubt here to stay as after all, it is the easiest hacking tool in the neighborhood and the most fun toy to play with. It makes many usual operations simpler. This is the tool to use if you want to have fun with your Kindle Fire.

Get the Kindle Fire Utility HERE :