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How to Play Flash on Kindle Fire HD / HDX. Step-by-Step guide to install Flash video

How to install flash to play flash videos on Kindle Fire HDX and HD devices, for Youtube and websites using Flash
This blog article, updated November 27 and December 5, 2013, is a companion article to the free file manager app, ES File Explorer

[It’s ALSO useful, in case of an install problem to get Easy Installer app, which can do a search for install-files and then shows them to you so that you can choose which one to install.
Be sure to check Easy Installer’s top-right Menu
(3 vertical squares),
click on ‘Setting’ and check the ‘Scan Hidden Directories’ box.]

  • the specific Adobe Flash file offered at XDA Developers Forum
    Please read recommended alternate source just below.

    The XDA Developers Forum file links now lead to strange ad-crazy pages, one of which asks for your credit card info and one of which promises racy pictures.
    So, since the actual recommended file uploaded by XDA forum’s “Recognized Contributor” stempox is the Flash File version that ends with “.27″ and that file is directly available at Adobe’s …read more